‘The majority of my patients are healthy; physically active and mentally astute individuals who appreciate the objective considerations of a healthcare professional with regard to their health situation. Nobody is able to see them self without ego getting in the way and muddying the water so it is important for us to seek independent advice on a regular basis to ensure we stay on track, just like a visit to the dentist.
During a recent morning clinic session, I treated a 3 month old baby with symptoms of colic, immediately followed by a 94 year old with a marked kyphoscoliosis [or hunchback]. This is a big age range and it serves to illustrate the array of people that can benefit from treatment. I have helped stroke victims regain functional movement, pregnant women overcome pelvic pain, city workers unwind, hyperactive children focus, as well as the rehabilitation of countless musculoskeletal injuries and preparation for competitive events, but the list doesn’t end there. I assist people through their life journeys and I love what I do.’

(Jimmy Morris, 2016)


Young and fertile, old and wise, there's absolutely no reason why treatment cannot be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Jimmy is an ostoepath trained and insured to the highest level in massage and mobilisation techniques. This means that you're in safe hands as he is trained to be proficient at identifying contra-indications to treatment, i.e. systemic illnesses masquerading as musculoskeletal pain, which are not amenable to manual therapy.


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