"Very thorough, felt quite therapeutic. Right level of firmness. Would recommend (and did) highly. Friendly and knowledgeable."


"Really happy with the treatments. Really helped my back!"


"I'd most definitely visit your practice again as well as recommend you to a friend. You really worked at my problem areas, and helped to identify other areas of tension that I should be wary of in the future. Plus I played a tournament the next day and felt brilliant! Will most definitely be booking in again soon!"


"In a handful of visits Jimmy got the mobility back into my shoulder with the pain almost completely gone. A previous incident had taken almost two months to get back to normal. I couldn't recommend Jimmy enough. I plan to visit Jimmy for a regular deep tissue MOT."


"I found your treatment very good and you are clearly a thoughtful practitioner. In fact I have not had any further problems but of course I am living in Athens so not much opportunity to see you..."


"Positive and would recommend. You've zoned into issues really well. If I could afford it, I'd have regular ongoing treatment!! Also, your advice has helped me to balance exercise regime too with climbing and yoga in the mix once a week each to give me better balance!"


"First class knowledge of subject. Quick and accurate diagnoses of specific injuries/ problem areas and relieving pain through easing off related trigger points in addition to actual problem area. Good overall mobilisation. Professional and friendly client relations."


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"My session was great and has made a real difference to my running. I had a lot of pain in my knee when I went out for a jog, and now I've had only one or two issues. I've also got some great exercises from Jimmy which if I do regularly stop the pain from happening in the first place  - just need to be diligent now to keep them up! He was also very warm and friendly. Great session overall and would definitely recommend to others."


Jimmy took the time to go through my history in detail and generally took the time to listen.  On every single visit I get asked how I’ve been since the previous treatment and if I have any new symptoms etc and I feel able to discuss all this without feeling like I’m a bother.  Since being diagnosed with Cancer in 2013, Jimmy has been key in keeping me ‘in working order’, with my painful joints and consistent pains, even suggesting healthier options where diet is concerned, which has helped me immensely.


"Jimmy helped me get back to pain-free training... now he is my insurance policy in helping me remain injury-free"


"You are excellent at identifying issues and that you have a very calming approach to physiotherapy."


"I had a tight left sided pain in my upper back for weeks and was relieved by Jimmys treatment. He was able to manipulate and release the spine and performed targeted  massage on the pecs and neck. He demonstrated a genuine interest in my condition which is what I needed."


"I found your treatment extremely helpful. I've taken your advice on pilates/stretching exercises everyday and this has alleviated my pain.  The manipulative treatment was also very effective in 'opening up' my muscles and increasing my flexibility. After each session I felt like I was in a different body!"